The Single-Phase Solution for Level-3 Charging Stations

The EdgeEV70™ uses patented technology to provide isolated and balanced three-phase power in ratings up to 70 kW. When coupled to a Level-3 charging station, the EdgeEV70™ allows for the expansion of fast-charging networks into areas without three-phase power at a lower cost.

Easy Installation

The EdgeEV70™ is designed for easy installation with your fast charger. The EdgeEV70™ is fully enclosed secure in a weather-tight steel container and easily installed with minimal site-work.

Remote Monitoring

Built-in monitoring and alert systems makes remote management easy. You can customize your management dashboard to meet your specific requirements.

Use With Your Charger

The EdgeEV70™ works with several of the most widely available Level-3 charging stations.

No Added Infrastructure

EdgeEV70™ allows you to deploy a Level-3 charger almost anywhere using existing power infrastructure lowering the cost of installation.