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General Questions

EdgeEnergy and our parent company Single Phase Power Solutions are located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

EdgeEnergy has partnered with El Dorado Capital to offer compentitive financing for qualified customers allowing for customers to install our products immediately with minimal upfront cost. Financing covers everything you need to launch your EV charging project, including capital equipment, make ready work, shipping, and installation. Please contact an EdgeEnergy sales representative for more information at

EdgeEnergy products are primarily available in the United States, with certain exceptions. Contact a sales representative for more information at

EdgeEnergy products are for sale only. Financing is available.

When combined with a qualifying charger as part of our turn-key solution qualify for LEED points like other EV charging installations.


The EdgeEV70™ offers unlimited charging cycles and is more affordable than other solar or battery powered options. It also provides a solution that uses existing infrastructure and is easy to install and maintain.

Each charger would require an EdgeEV70 power source. Some charging station manufactures do provide networking solutions that may allow for more than one charger to use the power source.

No. Charging speed is not affected. The charger performs exactly as it would if were connected to a traditional 3-phase power source. The charger doesn't know the difference.

Most level-3 charging stations are compatible.

The power supply is 8 ft wide, 10 ft long and 8.5 ft tall.