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Electric utilities and energy companies have a unique opportunity to be a catalyst for the global shift to electric mobility. Our role as your partner is to make that shift easier and more cost-effective by providing solutions to expand charging networks using existing single-phase infrastructure. Using our relationship with leaders in the charging industry we can provide turn-key, scalable, customer-focused charging programs that are easy to deeply, cost-effective, and virtually maintenance-free.  With available remote monitoring and flexible cloud options, and fast rollout capabilities our reliable solutions support your goals.

A Complete Plug-n-Play Solution

Easy Installation

The EdgeEV70™ is designed for easy installation with several of the industry's most popular charging stations. The EdgeEV70™ is a fully enclosed system. Secured in a weather-tight steel enclosure and easily installed with minimal site-work. We can even provide turn-key installation.

The system includes fully integrated breakers and temperature control systems. Separate lockable doors provide access to operating controls and monitoring displays. Easy access panels make service and maintenance quick and worry-free.

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Remote Monitoring

Built-in monitoring and alert systems make remote management of the EdgeEV70™ easy. EdgeEnergy allows owners to customize their management dashboard to meet their specific requirements, including custom alerts and remote restart, and security features.

Protect Your Investment with EdgeAssure™

EdgeAssure™ provides peace of mind with a comprehensive maintenance and management program. The cost for parts and on-site labor to install is covered for all eligible repairs, eliminating unexpected future expenses.

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Get on the Road to Smart Electrification

Let us help you design and implement a charging program using your existing single-phase infrastructure.


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